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Hanetech teams build IoT applications using sensor data, predictive analytics, and machine learning while adhering to all industry standards. Technology is making our lives easier and more effective. With appliances, wearables, specialized equipment, and vehicles, humans can develop their own innovative, information-driven strategies, optimize their abilities, and deliver quality services.

Our IoT solutions and consulting services have been used by companies across a variety of industries, including:

  • Industrial IoT
  • Medical IoT
  • Smart, connected products
  • IoT for telecoms
  • Legal Product line
  • IoT for Retail

 Automation and control capabilities in IoT enable faster delivery of outputs. With IoT, employees can make smart decisions to facilitate growth, productivity, and prioritization. IoT facilitates M2M communication, which greatly improves resource utilization and efficiency. It saves both time and money. 

We at Hanetech combine our deep technical knowledge with our industry experience to create customized, innovative IoT solutions that add value to your business. The IoT presents its security challenges, but we ensure the integrity of your data. Because we are a company of passionate technologists, we are always looking for better and more efficient ways of doing things. Evolve with us and leverage the power of technology to transform your workplace.

You can connect and manage your existing and new devices with Connected Products. Check out how traditional devices can be transformed into connected devices. Our IoT solutions can also be enhanced with the enterprise integration, big data analytics, and machine learning capabilities offered by Amazon and Microsoft.


We Can Help You Succeed


Iot Development

Building a business digital Ecosystem to control and Manage devices using high Quality web and Mobil IoT Software

Enterprise Software

Development of Custom Solutions including the robust CRM,HRM automated billing and Payment Systems

SAAS Solutions

Analzing and Engineering custom scalable SaaS Products with 3rd Party Services Integrations

Cloud Services

With the evolution of cloud computing, the advancement of applications and the improvement in Internet connectivity

UI UX Designing

A dedicated team of UX/UI designers unveiling the full potential of being design-driven.


We deploy code in hours between lines of business, development, and IT frameworks.

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